Android, DISABLE or uninstall bloat on non-rooted devices (Brief)

The big axe for trimming devices for bloat, even un-rooted ones :mrgreen:

Brief version!

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I got a quite popular, but rather long post on this over here.


Here a brief TL:DR version!

On the device enable Developer Options (typically Settings, About, Software information, click multiple times on Build number)
In Settings, Developer Options, set the USB-debugging mode ON

On the PC with ADB.EXE (can be fetches officially here)

Connect cable. Run “ADB devices”, if no output, you got issues with the connection…

With your favourite app-explorer (I recommend  3c All-in-One Toolbox and it’s Apps-manager) find the INTERNAL NAME of the app.
E.g. the offficial name of Google Search is just “Google”, internally it is

Run (not a typo that the second is Am not Pm)

    ADB shell pm disable-user
    ADB shell am force-stop
    ADB shell pm clear

(disable it, stop it (yes!!!), and clear it’s data)

If you want a bit more than disable, you can uninstall (current user only), run

    ADB shell pm uninstall -k --user 0

(the package is still there though)


For further see the looooong thread here.