A really THIN 6 weeks Smart watch, “T8”, (And “R18”)

(here with a loop band)

Merely 7.8mm thick (6.9 excluding small protrusion, and down to 4.0mm at the edge), AMOLED with AOD.

By far the most wearable smart watch I’d ever seen!!

ADD 20240405: I got an upcoming narrower T8 Mini. that is part of a trio replacing the original T8, see review here.

UPDATE: I have revised this thread to include the various updates from the over a year I have used it.

Currently at $25 including shipping…. Even better stamina than expected, six weeks! (less nine hours)
(This post is an ongoing project, the last change was 20240409 on 12% different weight between 1.00_24 and 1.00_23 )

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