Disqus-comments, formatting

Here Is a small guide in Disqus-formatting, that I have ‘published’ several times on the old GSMArena.com blog (with tiny variation).

UPDATE: Should in 2019 finally be more or less obsolete for wide enough windows!

See the guide in the disqus-comment below

UPDATE 2019-01-13: Just noticed that Disqus have finally added a formatting bar!

Here from a PC:

Note that on phones & phablets only some of the options are available when the display is in Portrait mode

All are available with the display in Landscape though:

The width needed for the full set of icons will vary depending on platform and font size of course.

In Firefox at this site, all scaling 100%, It requires an outer window width of 874 to show all icons

Note how the icons creeps into the “Post as ….” (depending on the name-length), but are still active, as can be seen by the mouse over text (and light button colour) where the mouse was at the right part of “Post”.


I wonder how long the new bar has been there, without me noticing it??