DW01 6.5mm thin 41.6mm ø1.32″ smart watch, start of review

Just as the NWZ01 I also accidentally stumbled upon the existence of this one on Aliexpress here!!
Here an advertising-rendering with corrected dial size (scaled by 90%)

It is fairly easy to find in various places by the model name “DW01“. I have not got a good guess of the manufacturer. Only found a number of wholesalers and retail sellers. There exists a DW01 from “Iwonlex”, but I do not think that it is the same one….

Here an ad video taken from here, with a real version of the corrected faked image above, in a rather coarse resolution

And a few ad rendering pages

If the rendering is true to scale, the length is 47.6mm. BUT If I look at the images from the video, I get something as small as 45-46mm

At first it looks VERY close to the T8 Pro, but there are a few differences.

  • The 41.6mm diameter place it right between the 40mm of the T8 Mini, and the 43mm of the other versions of T8.
  • The length is certainly less than the T8, maybe even close to the T8 Mini!
  • The crown is wider.
  • One of the mics is placed next to the crown, seems smarter at first but also less protected.
  • The speaker grill is different.
  • The arms seems a little longer, Somewhere between the original T82022 and the later versions of T8.
  • The back has a larger protrusion, yet the slanted part seems between the T8pro, and the original T8. Close to the T8 Mini.
  • If the 6.5mm is correct, it is 7% thinner, and also even thinner than the NZW01.

The display is a ø466pixels ø1.32″ amoled just like the T8pro.

I found a users guide from a seller(?) called Kushang here.