New Android 6.0 Aug 5. security updated version available for BB Priv on AT&T and others

A new version AAG145 is released for the Blackberry Priv on AT&T


Also found an official page linking to the newest available software for different blackberry variants.

The new version AAG153 with the August 5 security patch for AT&T can be fetched here (2GB)
Can be loaded as described here
Note that contrary to what is says by “Open the extracted folder” and execute the batch. I experienced that you need to open a command prompt (with “Run as Administrator”), change to the unzipped folder, and execute – then everything works… (Otherwise it claims that the image is wrong for the device)

I THINK it was released 2016-08-26, but at the least I can see that the dates inside the zip is 2016-08-15, and the kernel is dated 2016-08-11. (click to enlarge)

Among other things this contains QuadRooter patch

(My initial Autoloaded Marshmallow was AAF335 with internal dates 2016-06-03, released 2016-07-13)