Smart watches and false/lacking info….

For obvious reasons smart watches are limited to what the sensors can tell them….

Friday I visited the Minatur Wunderland in Hamburg . I walked around in there slightly over six hours from 16:15 to about 22:20 to my feet were killing me – I could easily have used their full opening hours to 01:00, weren’t it for the feet.

But as the walking in a fun exhibition, with many many details, is very slow, and thus not with swinging arms, the smart watch barely registered that I had walked at all. Only a few hundred paces an hour in that period. It registered the walking earlier that day, as well as the walk back to the hotel just fine.

Not to criticise it or anything, just as an example of how incorrect smartwatch info can be… And that they ALWAYS shall be read with a HUGE pinch of salt.


Next an example of two cheap Chinese watches that both got the sleep rather wrong…

The reality was that I went to bed around 23:55, fell asleep a few minuttes later and woke shortly once I am aware of, and woke at 07:11

First the T8, that thought I was asleep long before I went to bed, and next a E600 that had the overall fairly right, but not the details.

Scaling and comping the two gives…

And I must say that I think the T8 got the details least wrong here, registering the night correctly, but also claiming my quiet evening incorrectly as sleep (actually I was starting a minor review on the E600).
The T8 even claimed deep sleep periods 18:54-19:15 , 20:41-20:57 and 23:00-23:16 despite the watch being on the arm used for the mouse…