NWZ01 6.88mm thin 45.8mm ø1.43″ smart watch, start of review

I accidentally stumbled upon the existence of this one on Aliexpress here.

I ordered it on the spot. I also found this on Alibaba. and here we seem to have a name “NWZ01“.

All I currently know is what the listing(s) tells me, including this video. And as so often with Chinese watches ‘branded’ by the seller.

I’m less certain on the manufacturer. Though several different sellers states “696” as the brand, I doubt it. I also see “N plus 1”, “N+1” or “NpuOne”, e.g. here. Pointing to www.smartwatch-n.com More interesting is this https://www.globalsources.com/Smart-watch/smart-watch-1213819222p.htm

It reminds quite a bit of the TN88. Oversized but classic watch design, BUT with much less oversized arms. So a competitor of sort.

From the images and video I’m quite sure that at is a variant of the firmware we also got in the TN88, and the new trio of T8. All three using variants of JL7012 and JL7013.

I unfortunately also found confirmed that it uses the same shitty app “Da-Fit”, a more appropriate name would be “Tha’Shit”


Key specs


6.88mm thin 45.8mm ø1.43″ display ø466 pixels. (found both 6.88 and 6.8 mentioned, assume the worst…)

So 4.7mm bezel-ring from screen edge to case edge.

The length is about 49.6mm (estimated from the 1:083 aspect-ratio found in renderings and the 45.8mm width), so a substantial bit less than the TN88. Actually the length seems less than the first T8 from 2022, but that one got more down-pointing arms.

This one got arms that extends only slightly below the backplate, so will suit smaller arms batter than the TN88 but worse than the T8 (2022, 2023, 2024, new 2024 and Pro) but offers the same screen-size as the TN88.

The TN88 is substantially worse here with the arms ending above the backplate, and the arms being longer.
But it might be too hasty a conclusion, I will have to wait to measure it my self, as these spec-pages on Aliexpress can be quite wrong!!!

Band is 22mm Standard pin..

It weighs in at 45g (most likely including a ‘rubber’ band).



Copied from listing:

1.Waterproof Level:IP67.
3.screen size:1.43 inch HD screen(AMOLED),466*466 enhanced high color gamut,Full touch screen + buttons.
4.Bluetooth:BT 5.3.
5.Heart Rate:VC30F-S.
7.Charge Mode:Magnetic charging.

Bluetooth calling, multiple menu styles, support for 200 dials, breathing training, custom dials, stopwatch, brightness adjustment, multiple exercise modes, sleep monitoring, real heart rate and blood oxygen, information push, remote music, remote photography, real-time weather, mobile phone search (connected to the phone), Bluetooth music playback, calculator, split screen display, weather, alarm clock, sedentary reminder, step counting: exercise step counting, calorie consumption, exercise mileage recording, gaming, voice assistant.

It got speaker and microphones. I can see the two mic holes, where one will be completely covered by the arm, and the second that will be somewhat blocked. I quite sure that what we see at the ‘top’ (to the right here is the speaker.

Looking at this crop from the video

I see five LEDs and a sensor.
Here the speaker channel is more visible.
I’m pretty sure that what at first looks like a third microphone (under 2 o’clock), actually is just a reflection in the blank back-plate.

I seem to have been the first one that bought it on AliExpress, so most likely a very new listing:

(click to enlarge, notice the “1 sold” by the arrow)