Morsø Tavolo DIY for Morsø Grande Grill

Morsø Grande is a really nice and aesthetically pleasing gas grill.

However the table they offer for it has ridiculously small space next to the grill. So I made a DIY from TWO tables two years ago….

This is how the original looked

Barely room for two plates, and you get stuff there really close to the (obviously) hot grill, and I got annoyed by it from first usage.

Morsø offers no good solutions at all. And I did not find any third party that did the trick neither…

So my solution was to buy an extra of the flat-packed Tavolo tables, and cut off the curved part of the small side-plates of the assembled one, and cut the second one at the middle (well skipped a few cm with the middle ‘hook’ for aesthetic reasons).
And I cut half a hinge-thickness from a rib, for all four cuts, to get easy fixation of the simple hinges:

Note how the air-intake holes ended as handles! Pure luck!

Two of the legs from the other table are used as (currently free) supports, mounted with four screws into som random block of wood with some cut tracks matching the pattern on the underside.

Obviously some more elegant solution for the support af the side plates could be made.

A nice bonus is that the whole thing are substantially smaller when the sides are collapsed, so much more handy for winter storage. An old cover from a Weber Q grill and table, fitted almost perfectly. 🙂

If you find this solution giving TOO much table space, well then it is just a matter of cutting the sacrificed plate a bit shorter.