PhotoView with Delete&Transfer of matched files, e.g. RAW

This is a plain PhotoViewer with just TWO special function:

The ability to show more EXIF info than most and to delete or transfer matching partner files on request also, according to user defined masks.

E.g. Also handle RAW or cropped variant of a file named with predefined syntax.


Settings for position, size, splitter positions, last used folders… can be saved in users registry.

Download zip: PhotoView.Zip

This is a ‘work in progress’, so expect bugs might be present, and that things can still change quite a bit. (Last modified 2018-09-30)

Deletes can go to Recycler or be permanently deleted by “Delete” resp. “Shift+Delete” in the usual way.

Mouse-wheel zoom, or +/- keys.

PgUp/PgDn changes file. (There is a known focus bug on this after selecting an image from the imagelist, click in the image ought to change focus back. Workaround: Zoom in or out before PgUp/PgDn)

Common Exif info are included by default, codes are translated to text. Using these sources: Awaresystem, exif-utils, mit (some texts simplified)
All others available can be shown as well (see config) if you want to see all, then I recommend still keeping 501B and 927C in OmitOtherExif, and these can be quite big, and thus clutter up the left pane.
BUT several manufacturers uses 927C to save quite a bit of interesting information, search for 0x927C on this sno.phy page

For bugs or suggestions please feel free to use the comment section.
Note that this is in no way intended as something that should be a commercial product, but just a handy tool for myself, shared.


Below is an example of the config – should be pretty self explanatory.

If mask overlaps the first is used. This could be used to have different handling of say DSCF*.JPG , P??0*.JPG and a general *.JPG

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    <section name="PhotoView"  type="System.Configuration.IgnoreSectionHandler"/>
    <SupressSaveToRegistryWhenCalledWithFile>1</SupressSaveToRegistryWhenCalledWithFile> <!-- Useful if used to open multiple image files -->
    <ExifSummary>[EXIF: {A405}mm, F{829D}, {829A}s, Iso{8827}, Brightness={9203}]</ExifSummary>
    <HeaderMask>PhotoView - {0} - {1}% - {2} - {3}</HeaderMask>    <!-- {0}=Name, {1}=zoom , {2}=dir , {3}=ExifSummary -->
      <ShowMask Mask="????????.JPG">
        <!-- To be appended to the dir, {0}=Name, {1}=Extension of base file -->
      <ShowMask Mask="*.JPEG"/>
      <ShowMask Mask="*.PNG"/>
      <ShowMask Mask="*.BMP"/>