Ios Calendar, Various odd observations.

A couple of strange observations on the calendar in Ios

  1. Search only works within +/- one year from current date
  2. It is not only year 10000 safe, you can actually scroll way beyond year 100000 🙂
  3. You can scroll back in time even to BC, though strange bugs appears much before that
  4. Moving an appointment has some (academic) issues in the date selector


On search

Yet another bug in Ios… you can only search +/- one year.

Try this simple test:
1) Create a new post in the calender, one year and one day ago – you can not search it.
2) Open the month manually, open the day, edit it, and move it forwards two days – now it can be found…
3) Move it forward to one year and one day ahead from now – you can not search it
4) Move it back two days – you can search it again.


Year 100000 safe

You can scroll the calendar forwards a VERY long time. I stopped trying at year 142857 *LOL*

I forgot to try to add an event at that late year, but checked beyond year 10000, and events are stored – though hard to find again due to the above bug.

This is certainly optimistic. I personally hope that Ios is buried and forgotten within ten year at the most…


Backwards event possible to a large extent

You can use the calendar backwards, though strange things happen when you go beyond 1895

When you scroll further backwards strange things are displayed … Decembers are missing or replacing Januaries, and the year-stamp is omitted. You can see the year clicking a month – though without BC/AC – and with F-up month content…

(As far as I can see the Gregorian calendar is assumed before it was invented)

IMG_1315 IMG_1318


On event moving

There are a couple of curious -though rather academic- bugs: If you try to move an event more than roughly 13½ years, the scroll ends, and you can either double-tap the end to be able to scroll further, OR if you try to swipe beyond the end, or select anything the event-date jumps about 13½ year each time – I think it is 5000 days, but did not check accurately)