Microsoft compensating on ugly design?

I have noticed they made a design change to Win10

They added the option (that by default is set) of some opacity in the left part of their Settings-system.

So I wonder if they FINALLY  are beginning to find out that the hideous flat “Material Design” is not only ugly and unnatural but also so boring that they felt they had to do something?


And yes I hate their flat design. Apart from being ugly, it is simply outright stupid!

We now got high resolution displays with millions of colours that can make thing looks more natural, matching what our brains over aeons have evolved to interact with.

And then some silly designer get the crazy idea of making things as monochrome and flat as possible, even without shadows that could make things even look slightly real 3D, to make sure things get as far from intuitive as possible I guess…

As a perverted example, what sick mind thought out this sad cyklop smiley as an icon for anything???

Stuff like this would have been tolerable on Windows 2 on CGA screens, but in 2018….

But we can hope Microsoft is FINALLY beginning to move in another direction…