F(x)tec & XDA – Pro1-X announced

F(x)tec in collaboration with XDA are relaunching the Pro1 with improved privacy oriented software

As can be seen it got a new frame and back colour, and it comes with an option of more storage: 8/256GB.

They also have four keyboard options. A standard US QWERTY (Thanks for that!, see this), a German QWERTZ, a French AZERTY and finally a Scandinavian one.

The Indiegogo campaign can be found here.

Apart from the standard QWERTY, the interesting thing is that they offer it with either LineageOS, Ubunu or plain stock Android pre-installed. (And more are planned)
We can still flash something different if we want to, but less tech savy people is likely to be happy to not have to flash, if they prefer something different than stock Android as we did on the original Pro1..

I love that the software will be in collaboration with XDA. The company doing the software for the original Pro1 has been really slow in fixing fundamental bugs. Even when there are known fixes used in the Lineage implementation….

Personally I loved the way the antenna-lines was made as a subtle ornament on the black Pro1. It is certainly not subtle on the blue one. But it is a cool colour that gives me a trip down nostalgia lane for the late real-Nokia devices like the E7.

I dislike that the XDA logo/text is so huge, it does not look harmonic at all. But hope this is just an early sample and will be designed nicely in the final version. e.g. something like this where I simply reduced it to 70% in paint: