Bosch cordless vacuum cleaner large, GAS 18V-10 L

A well thought through battery driven vacuum cleaner, that even handles liquids.

Clearly a product where thing have been thought trough, including adapters for Bosch blue-line tools, and optional click-on holders for accessories so it can be stored and moved around as one unit. It even comes with a shoulder strap.

I like that a vacuum for e.g. water is on batteries and not mains power, it significantly reduces the risk of personal injuries if something goes wrong.

Should I complain about anything, it is that the floor-mouth-piece it quite narrow 15.5cm (even less than the one for the hand held GAS 18V-1, that has 22cm), and the ‘store’ of it when not in use are not that good, it fairly easily falls off. And also the tools-adapter lacks a ‘home’ when not in use, but can fit in the battery compartment during transport/storage.

The 10L in the model number could mislead some in thinking that it can hold 10 Litre, but that is the EXTERNAL volume(!?!), the capacity is 6 Litre. It is quite power hungry though with 4mins run time per Ah battery. But even 8 minutes from a small 2Ah battery should be enough to clean up the mess after drilling a few holes.

Here the spec sheet, click to enlarge:

Note that it is easy to attach/detach the roll-up for the flex-tube and the holder for the three stiff tubes, so if you need it as compact as possible, you could wind the flex-tube around the filter inside the tank, and leave most of the accessories at home. That could be handy on a say a boat, where its capacity for water would shine….

Here I kept the wheels on, but they are detachable too. In the depicted configuration it weighs in at 4450 g

The filters are sold at around £10-15, so if in urgent need of removal of some liquid that might not be easily rinsed from the filter, say some oily stuff or paint, that might be an acceptable price to pay for the job.