Bosch hand-held cordless vacuum cleaner, GAS 18V-1

This is a nice stand alone product not compatible with anything but batteries.

It comes with more accessories than what I would have expected

There are nothing that is common with the larger cousin th GAS 18V-10 L , nothing fits and can be used on both, and it does not fit other Bosch blue-line tools.

I could be wrong, but I get the feeling of a third part product that can be powered by a blue Bosch batteries.

Here the spec sheet, click to enlarge:

It looks like a lot of thought have went into the design of the air flow. Unfortunately less so on the usage.

The button for releasing the flap for emptying looks nice and large at first, but it is not a push button but is tipping along the the short diagonal, and you have to push the sharp corner of the button, making it hard to operate with large fingers not to mention with gloves…. That is more suited for fine fingers of a ‘house-wife’ (sorry for the old fashioned term) than large hand of a builder, and this IS part of Bosch’s blue professional line, not the green household line….

The natural way to hold it to tip out the content carefully in a home obviously is vertical with the flap upwards. That does not work!!! As there is no spring that makes the flap pop out, or even an indention so you can do it by hand. You have to try to insert a nail or similar!!! 😯

If you are emptying it into a large outdoor container, and don’t mind the dust whirling about a bit, gravity opens the flap if horizontal or pointing downwards just fine.

They get point for it being fairly easy to disassemble the tank part so you can clean it.

The clear ‘wheel’ at the top is a coarse filter, and it is easy to open. And is held with a three point bajonet fitting. For some weird reason the three are not equally distributed, and you have to remount it exactly right, and it is not that easy to spot that.
There is a small mate triangle, and some ripples on one of the ridges. Marked in blue here:

A few drops of paint could have done wonders here, or simply making the front ridge substantially different, e.g. trice as thick, or perhaps removed it. Anything easy to spot…
So I recommend to take a simple marker pen and mark where the front is.