Bosch flexi-click 18V drill/driver, GSR-18V-60-FC

I can STRONGLY recommend this Bosch kit (0 601 9G7 103)

The Bosch GSR 18V-60 FC is a really nice, strong and flexible machine, with the FlexiClick system. It is sold in kits with the four possible attachements as well as with just the drill chunk attachment and the three others can be bought separately. (The later sort of defeats the purpose as just buying ONE additionally, makes it (way) more expensive than the kit… currently: £320 versus £250 + £124 or £84 or £73,)

(The same machine also exists in an ordinary version with a fixed chunk and without the “FC” in the name. But I would strongly recommend to go for the FC version)

By itself it is a quite compact yet very powerful machine

Note that the 246mm is including the chunky 5.0Ah ordinary battery. With a 4.0Ah ProCore it is 246-70+47=223mm, (216mm with a 2.0Ah ordinary)

0.949Kg plus battery makes it a quite handy tool. With e.g a 4.0Ah ProCore battery it is still just 1.5Kg.

(Yes, they sell the 0.949Kg as 0.9Kg…)

With the GFA 18-H attachment (part of kit), it is turned into a 1.0J rotary hammer!

I have not had many tasks where I needed it since I bought it, about a year ago, but tend to use it over my 1.6J rotary hammer, and even sometimes over my beloved Metabo Powermaxx BS BL Q 12V. That is more compact, weighs in at 0.7/0.9Kg and delivers about 2/3 the power of the GSR 18v-60 (but offers no hammer adapter).

The kit Bosch sells with batteries is with 5.0Ah batteries, and again this defeats the purpose IMHO. The whole idea is to have a light and compact machine, so I would recommend using it with the 4.0Ah ProCore batteries (or even the plain 2.0Ah), and have at the least two. If you do REALLY heavy work then more, or with a fast charger, to be sure it can charge one battery faster than you can use the other. But remember fast charging shortens the lifespan of the battery, so better to use multiple batteries. (I also got their fast charger GAL-18V-160C, and it is wisely designed so it by default do NOT do fast charging, you have to press a button to select the fast mode – I can recommend this charger too)

The LBOXX trunk have enough room for the machine, all four attachments, the GAL 160C charger and with a little squeeze 2×4.0Ah ProCore +  2×2.0Ah batteries and a GLI VariLED. (the lamp in a belt pouch top left – could have been a fifth battery)

The chunk (bottom centre of image) does not stay in place when the trunk is lifted, so glued a simple 10p kitchen sponge to the lid to keep it in place…

New Accessory

There is a new accessory coming, that is an angle adapter with a chunk: GFA 18-WM. I doubt if I ever have needed that. A bit drill and the angle adapter does the trick, and usually will fit in more narrow spaces.

New variant

Note that there is a new variant GSR 18V-90 FC. for sale, that is replacing the 60FC.

Slightly more compact and lighter (0.92 versus 0.949kg) and about 10% more powerful. And functions to temporarily disable the two very useful functions: Anti-kickback and Automatic stop on exceeded the selected torque limit. I guess if you wanted to use it on a small moving boat or similar, then you MIGHT want to disable the anti-kickback, that could be falsely triggered by external movements, but I can’t imagine a scenario where you want it to NOT stop, when the torque limit you have selected is reached…

(the 210mm is with a 4.0Ah ProCore battery)

Time will tell if I can resist upgrading…

Unfortunately they do not offer the new as a kit containing all the four classic FlexiClick adapters, except as the full kit also containing two batteries and a charger – that comes with a heavy price-tag of €805 currently. Note though that this kit is with the 4.0A ProCore batteries, that (as said above) makes much more sense for this machine IMHO.