Soehnle Pagi Profi 300, Kitchen scale

I can highly recommend this scale

The main selling points

  • Up to 20Kg
  • 1g resolution
  • Uses ordinary batteries (3×AAA )
  • Fairly thin 2cm
  • Approximately A4 20×27cm
  • Clever Hold function to keep the weight of object larger than the scale
  • Easy to clean, glass surface.
  • Large clear LCD display with light, so can be seen in the dark or direct sunshine.

The Hold function is REALLY handy when you need to weigh a larger box or bowl that would obscure the display.
All you do is press and hold the “Hold”-‘button’, put on the object, wait for a beep, lift the object away and check the reading.

I have been using it for over and year, and bought a few for gifts.

Should I wish for them upgrading anything, it would be to make it water-proof, to ease cleaning further.

And as it is not waterproof, I would have preferred a real on&off switch, and not just touch, as you easily hold it wrong, and accidentally turn it on when inserting it among the cook-books on the shelf. It has an auto off, after some minutes, so not a big deal.