FujiFilm F100fd, Review

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This review is relative to the review of the related F60fd

Good but not great
The interesting differences  are
– Less light sensitivity
+ Better Wide
+ Better zoom

Since the whole raison d’être of FujiFilm’s F-Series is the good sensitivity, it is very unfortunate that there is such a substantial deterioration here!

Of course it is not unexpected with the larger zoom range that the lens is less bright, but had -naïvely- hoped that it was countered (at least almost) by a better sensor and better firmware. It is partly, but not sufficiently.

Usually I carry around a Fuji F50fd and a Ricoh R6 , and I’m very happy with both of them (see reviews), but I had hoped that the F100fd would be a compromise, so I only had to ‘drag’ around one camera. Because in many ways it lies between the two.
Has now been carrying all three cameras (!) A couple of months. However, I have realized that the distance to the forces of the two ancients ones are too big, So I have abandoned it and passed it on.

The conclusion is that it definitely is in the high end of compact cameras, but without the characteristics you would expect of a Fuji F-series. It might as well have been another brand.

Based on what could be expected, and not merely hoped for: 8/10