Huawei Band Design, 6, 7, 8 & 9

Huawei got the design close to perfection with the Band 6, improved it with the Band 7…

…and decided to mess it up with 8 and 9….


I’m here only comparing the wearability design of Huawei’s different band models.

In this I have completely omitted whether it is wise to buy a Huawei device in the first place security-wise. Remember that many western governments shun Huawei in their networks, so you should first consider if you really want Huawei to handle your health, notification and call data…



Here some advertising-images of the 6-8 first (sorry have not found official image of the 6 in full profile)

And leaked images from here for the Band 9

(click to enhance)

Do not get confused by the band attachments for the band 9, they are just adapters, also available for 7 and 8.

Here the 9 in white, with comparable rubber band.

I do got my own full-profile image of a Band 6 though. To the left in this (to the right is one branded as Honor). From a compare here.

The 6 and 7 got really good human-friendly wearable design, almost as pleasant as a pebble in the hand, and they then decided to mess that up with sharp edges and pill-box ‘design’ with the 8, and are repeating the fault with 9…

I simply do not understand the urge/fashion in some places to mess things up when they already got it right, just for the purpose of change….. (Microsoft do that all the time…)

Have these people never worn a watch? Or is it a matter of sharp edges/corners being more vulnerable and easier to break so Huawei increases the chance of the user needing to buy a new one?

The 8 and 9 should have MUCH better features than the 7 for anyone to even consider buying them over the 7 – if the 7 can still be found….


In the above images the 6 and 7 looks very much the same when used with rubber bands. but have a look at this post for 6 vs 7, including the important change in having the band attachment going into the case from Band 7)



The Huawei Band 7 seems to be the best of all band designs to date, even compared to their competitors, afaik.

My personal favourite for a smart wrist-device design-wise is currently the wider and watch like T8 Mini, but that is another story for that post….