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Newer reviews can be expected to be ongoing projects, with minor additions or corrections.

Note: When I rate stuff, a 10/10 does not indicate perfect in an absolute academic sense, but as in (at least) as good as could be expected at the time, minor flaws allowed. For portable devices typically limited by the size and weight. Value for money also counts. An electronic device that got a high score in 2005, most likely would seem like pure trash ten years later….


  • How to wait upgrading to Win10

    If you do not want to be a first mover installing Win10, then this link have the recipe to delay it

    (A few windows update should be uninstalled if already installed, and then hidden until you want them)


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  • Eye resolution test

    I have made a simple test image to test the resolution of your eyes on a phone, phablet, tablet, laptop or PC!

    The most common result is it is pointless to go beyond around 1/12000 of the viewing distance

    Be SURE it is shown in the screens native resolution. e.g. 960 pixels should fill half a FullHD display. (or use one of the added ones with your screens resolution)

    Be SURE that your browser or your windows settings doesn’t do any scaling/zooming/smoothing, i.e. one pixel in the image is one pixel on the display. (If in doubt take a magnifying glass -or macro camera- and look closely on the screen, it should be like the mock-up later in this post)



    It is the point where the single line pair is indistinguishable from the double line we are looking for (that is where it is looks like one continuous thick line)

    You will most likely find the finest resolution using the red or green figure.

    Use any prescribed glasses that you normally would for the distance – we are testing resolution, not focusing ability.

    NOTE: If you got a PenTile display, usually the green will do fine! Have a look at this on different subpixel arrangements. Several pixel arrangement exists out there, that could have similar issues…

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  • Principal ideas for smarter image sensor technology

    Currently the limitation in the amount of photons that can be caught versus the noise, set a limit for the dynamic range.

    But what if the sensor output could not be over saturated?


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  • Automower 330X, Husqvarna, Review

    This Automower 330X is an upgrade from my 230ACX, See review here.

    Overall: Really satisfied. 9+/10, after software ‘update’: 7+/10


    It is rather similar to the 230ACX with some important upgrades, and a few step backs

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  • Digital camera sensor sizes – selling elastic bands by the metre

    When a sensor is advertised/sold as 1/2.3″ most people would think that is the diagonal of the sensor. Well it is NOT! It might even vary drastically between manufacturers.

    For historical reasons the diameter of a fictitious Vidicon tube with the same active area is what is advertised!!


    Unfortunately, it is even more confusing than that…

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Newer postings are in English (well sort of, bare with me, non-native…), some earlier than 2010 just blunt copies of the texts in Danish.

Collecting of old stuff started May 2015. Entries are generally attempted dated with original stamps, even if they are somewhat updated since, several reviews have been ongoing ‘projects’.