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Newer reviews can be expected to be ongoing projects, with minor additions or corrections.

Note: When I rate stuff, a 10/10 does not indicate perfect in an absolute academic sense, but as in (at least) as good as could be expected at the time, minor flaws allowed. For portable devices typically limited by the size and weight. Value for money also counts. An electronic device that got a high score in 2005, most likely would seem like pure trash ten years later….


  • Thinkpad Yoga 12.5″ 20CD S1, Review

    This is an almost perfect combination of an ultrabook and a tablet. ūüėÄ

    The first felling when opened is the feeling of mechanical QUALITY that can handle rough treatment. I have a strong feeling that should I drop it it is more likely to dent my floor…

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  • FujiFilm F900EXR, Review

    Review, Fujifilm F900EXR.
    Official images etc see FujiFilms own page here
    Official user guide can be found here

    Originally posted 2013-05-23


    Overall: Quite satisfied. 8/10

    F900EXR_Black_Up_ffbfa0522f[1] F900EXR_Black_Front_Left_76975fa68b[1]

    Minor firmware improvements could easily make it even better. You are left with no way to override the AF even when it fails(!), you can not even request focus at infinity!!

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  • Android, “Battery use”, more than meets the eye

    The “Battery Use“-app is part of the OS, and is located

    Settings > About phone > Battery use

    First here is a collage of screen-dumps (click to view) from it (see comments towards the end)


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  • How to obtain good stamina on an Android phone


    1. This thread is general in nature, but based on my Xperia neo Pro.
    2. Xperia phones DO have good stamina if set up and used correctly
      I can get 4¬Ĺ days of stamina WITH 3G+WiFi+Virus Scanner ON
    3. Set Brightness to 100%, and use widget “Brightness On/Off“,
      Use On in direct sunlight only.
    4. Set Screen time out to 30 sec.
    5. Use the app AdBlocker to block specific apps from data connection.
    6. Use the app WapDroid to only allow WiFi at specific geographical ‘points’. (By Cell-ID NOT gps)
    7. Have the phone at optimal position.
      Place on the desk not in the pocket while working.
    8. Exit apps if possible when you are finished.
    9. “Ads within Android apps found to consume 75% of the app’s power.”
    10. Avoid task-killers on the bloatware.
      (The repeated killing and resurrection eats a lot of battery)
    11. Avoid ‘clever’ battery-apps in the background doing more harm than good.
    12. Note that the percentages in Battery Use are based on estimates.
    13. Consider if you need background data traffic or not.
    14. The “Android System”-drainage bug!
    15. Finally I have a few tests , if the above did not do the trick.



    On general battery info and hints see this

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  • Central entry point on batteries

    (at least this is my intention on how it should end and be used)

    It should give info about batteries, how the phone uses them, and (hopefully) with some good hints to how to get the most out of each battery (Life and Stamina). Many of the hints go for other hardware with Li-Ion batteries as well. Say Laptops, Toothbrushes…..


    This thread is originated from SonyEricssons Xperia phones.



    On problems with weird drops and raises: Try “Johan’s Trick” below once

    The currently best advice I can give for the usage pattern is

    ‚óŹ Try to charge fully and deplete to about 40-50%bc

    ‚óŹ Once in a while drain battery deep to get calibration right

    ‚óŹ Keep phone on desk/in bag, avoid pockets, to keep cool.

    ‚óŹ Leave phone idle while charging (e.g. while sleeping).


    Note that the ‘remaining percentage’ you see is an ESTIMATE not a measurement!


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Blog in English (well sort of, bare with me, non-native…), a few earlier than 2010 are just blunt copies of the source texts in Danish – Google translate helps here….

Collecting of old stuff started May 2015. Entries are generally attempted dated with¬†original stamps, even if they are somewhat updated since, several reviews have been ongoing ‘projects’.