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This blog is for my future and past info and reviews on various tech stuff….

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Newer reviews can be expected to be ongoing projects, with minor additions or corrections.

Note: When I rate stuff, a 10/10 does not indicate perfect in an absolute academic sense, but as in (at least) as good as could be expected at the time, minor flaws allowed. For portable devices typically limited by the size and weight. Value for money also counts. An electronic device that got a high score in 2005, most likely would seem like pure trash ten years later….


  • XKCD highlights

    XKCD.COM has some nice strips.

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  • F(x)tec & XDA – Pro1-X announced

    F(x)tec in collaboration with XDA are relaunching the Pro1 with improved privacy oriented software

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  • Calculate day of week

    A small rethought guide on calculating the day of week fairly easily

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  • The EASY way to make a C# Windows.forms app really per monitor DPI aware

    As posted in another post, many apps have problems with windows scaling.

    See these screen-dumps from Windows lengthy guide that was found here

    UPDATE 2020. After Windows “Creators update”, they made things slightly more complicated, sorry…

    Here is a reasonably minimalistic approach. You will often just need code like this:

        public partial class Form1 : Form {
             public Form1() {
                 DPI_Per_Monitor.TryEnableDPIAware(this, SetUserFonts);
             void SetUserFonts(float scaleFactorX, float scaleFactorY) {
                var OldFont = Font;
                Font = new Font(OldFont.FontFamily, 11f * scaleFactorX, OldFont.Style, GraphicsUnit.Pixel); 
             protected override void DefWndProc(ref Message m) {
                 DPI_Per_Monitor.Check_WM_DPICHANGED(SetUserFonts,m, this.Handle);
                 base.DefWndProc(ref m);

    You will need to obey a few rules, but often it can be implemented in existing code in minutes!

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  • Cases/shells for the Pro1, DIY experiments

    There are no official case(s) for the FxTec Pro1, so I have ordered over a score of cases/shells for various phones of dimensions close the keyboard part…

    Ten have arrived, nine Nov 13., and here are the preliminary results, and a flip case fitted

    Add Nov 21, two more have arrived, for Huawei P20  Pro and Note 7

    Add Dec 28, two more have arrived a week ago, Flip cases for Huawei P20  Pro and they are better (the above image)

    Add Jan 23, a little more on a P20 Pro flip, reverting the inner part

    Add Apr 1, a better shell case with strengthened corners.

    Add Aug 6, a protector for the top half – disabling edge interaction

    (Will update if any of the remaining ones proves a better fit)

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Blog in English (well sort of, bare with me, non-native…), a few earlier than 2010 are just blunt copies of the source texts in Danish – Google translate helps here….

Collecting of old stuff started May 2015. Entries are generally attempted dated with original stamps, even if they are somewhat updated since, several reviews have been ongoing ‘projects’.