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Newer reviews can be expected to be ongoing projects, with minor additions or corrections.

Note: When I rate stuff, a 10/10 does not indicate perfect in an absolute academic sense, but as in (at least) as good as could be expected at the time, minor flaws allowed. For portable devices typically limited by the size and weight. Value for money also counts. An electronic device that got a high score in 2005, most likely would seem like pure trash ten years later….


  • Android vs WPD bug. Wrong filesizes reported

    I stumbled upon a strange bug in what Android can report to e.g. Windows trough the MTP/WPD interface.

    Under some circumstances it reports a VERY wrong file size, but if you by WPD open a stream and copy the file until it sends no more bytes, it returns the correct full content.

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  • Fix for windows update issues, e.g. KB3213986

    Many people are experiencing issues installing the cumulative update KB3213986 

    And there are a lot of pages on this suggesting the usual stop/rename/start stuff, but that did not do the trick on a machine I had to fiddle with.

    The answer was .NET – again !!!

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  • The EASY way to make a C# Windows.forms app really per monitor DPI aware

    As posted in another post, many apps have problems with windows scaling.

    See these screen-dumps from Windows lengthy guide that was found here

    Here is a reasonably minimalistic approach. You will often just need code like this:

        public partial class Form1 : Form
            public Form1()
            void SetUserFonts(float scaleFactorX, float scaleFactorY) {
                Font = new Font(Font.FontFamily, 11f * scaleFactorX, GraphicsUnit.Pixel);
            protected override void DefWndProc(ref Message m) {
                base.DefWndProc(ref m);

    You will need to obey a few rules, but often it can be implemented in existing code in minutes!

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  • Windows display scaling blurring legacy programs

    Windows display scaling is great for programs that support it. But certainly not for all.

    Especially legacy apps get blurred, so use integer only, if possible!


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  • Save and restore positions of windows, WindowsPosSaveNRestore

    WindowsPosSaveNRestore is a tool to save the position of windows for later restore

    This is primarily useful if you frequently change display configuration, say add/remove external monitor(s) e.g. by docking, or turning a device with autorotate active.

    Windows also has the bug that it sometimes cram all open windows (and icons [+]) on the primary screen on sleep.

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Newer posting are in English (well sort of, bare with me, non-native…), some over five years old just a blunt copy of the texts in Danish.

Layout – and perhaps more translations (hopefully) will be improved later.


Collecting of old stuff started May 2015. Entries are generally attempted dated with original stamps, even if they are somewhat updated since, several reviews have been ongoing ‘projects’.